T - Pet / Animal
With the T-Pet animal tag, you identify your pet with a small tag with an integrated QR code on the collar. All people can scan the QR code with their own smartphone and without an additional app and query the most important data (name, owner name, veterinarian), information (vaccinations, allergies, preferred feed) and contact options.
The animal keeper will be informed as soon as the animal has been found. Additional data can be saved in a special and secure mode, which can only be accessed by authorized persons (family, veterinarian, trainer).

Track all scans directly on your smartphone

Get an email immediately as soon as someone has read the QR code with their smartphone

The Finder will contact you via phone, WhatsApp, email, Skype or contact form directly from the WebApp

Important health data can be saved directly on the Thync.it code (allergies, diets, food)

Post a picture, text message or video of your pet on the pinboard

All data is stored reliably and securely in Switzerland

The T-Pet brand offers a wide range of important and intelligent functions and does not need a battery. That is why the metallic badge is environmentally friendly and durable.