T-Greeting Card

Give away joy and surprise a dear person with your own virtual greeting message in words, pictures and sound

Everything is very easy and ready to use

The happiest greeting message with a huge surprise effect
With the T-Greeting card from Thync.it, texts, audio recordings, pictures and videos can be recorded with a smartphone and given to a loved one as a virtual greeting card or pre-printed QR code.


  1. The T-Greeting greeting card can be configured using the smartphone in a variety of ways.
  2. Text messages: Several text fields can be added. Just press the "Short Message" button and write a text message.
  3. Sound recording: Voice messages can be integrated quickly and easily. Press the "Record" button and start recording immediately.
  4. Images: Images can be taken immediately with the camera (e.g. selfies) or selected from the photo gallery.
  5. Video message: Your own short video messages virtually round off the greeting card and convey a special kind of emotion.
  6. Simplest transmission: The T-Greeting greeting card can be sent digitally via URL link from the WebApp. Select the "Share" function in the menu.
  7. Transmission via QR code: Select the QR code in the menu and have it scanned by the recipient. They receive access to the greeting card without logging in or registering.
  8. Webapp technology: All content and functions run directly in the web browser of the end devices. No additional software or apps are required.
  9. Quick configuration: The T-Greeting greeting card can be activated immediately after opening by the buyer and filled with your own content.


  1. Play simple recordings from
     - Texts
    - Audio news
    - Pictures
    - Videos
    directly via the displayed recording bar in the lower area of ​​the WebApp.
  3. Versatile sending the greeting card using the share function, QR code display on the smartphone screen or printed QR code sticker on the gift or on the card.
  5. Contact details: Optionally, your own contact details such as telephone or smartphone number, email, WhatsApp or Skype can be provided. These can be selected directly from the WebApp.
  7. Address: You can optionally add your own address (e.g. ideal for shops).
  9. Social media and website / webshop addresses can be integrated directly into the greeting card.
  11. Individualization of the card: During the configuration, the background image and the app color can be set up individually and adapted to the occasion.
  13. Slide show: All pictures can be played on the smartphone, tablet, PC, TV or projector via the integrated slide show function.
  15. Post-processing and addition: Additional content can be added at any time after delivery. In this way, current images can be added at a later time during an event or party.


  1. Great joy guaranteed! A personal message arouses emotions and delights the recipient in a special way.
  3. Reminder of the donor: The virtual and personal greeting message is not simply disposed of in the waste paper. This keeps the message in memory for a long time
  5. Versatile: The T-Greeting greeting card can be used in a family, personal, social or business environment.
  7. Social media: Thanks to the integration of their own social media channels, the T-Greeting card offers an interesting opportunity to generate more followers, especially in the business environment.
  9. Environmentally friendly: The virtual greeting card does not require paper or cardboard and therefore actively protects the environment.
  11. Current content: Additional content and information can also be added to your smartphone at any time during the festival or event.
  13. Contact details and address: Optionally, you can add your own contact details and addresses and thus stay in contact.
  15. A single Thync.it user account is sufficient so that all cards and all other Thync.it products can be processed with a single personal profile.