Membership Card
The membership card identifies each member of a club, business, club or community with a personal QR code. This code can be used to transmit general information such as schedules, opening times or club information and can be queried at any time with your own smartphone. The web app can also be conveniently saved on the home / start screen of the smartphone so that the QR code does not always have to be scanned.
In addition, personal information such as personal training plans or instructor tips can be stored on each code, which can only be read by authorized persons.
Training plans can be electronically filled out and transmitted as forms.

The membership card offers the following advantages:
  • General information is simultaneously available online on all membership cards
  • Individualization of the WebApp layout and adaptation
  • Direct contact via phone, email, WhatsApp, Skype video
  • Club and member can update their own data themselves
  • Members can communicate with each other and have an insight into the member list (can also be deactivated if necessary)
  • Direct link to website, webshop and social media channels
  • Individual QR codes can be printed or embossed independently on the card or any carrier material
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