Member Card PRO
With the Pro Edition of the membership card you can organize all appointments / events and inform the members. An integrated registration and deregistration function makes it possible to update the participants of an event. In addition to all the functions of the membership card, the Pro Edition membership card offers an additional organizational planner for training and game appointments. An integrated registration and deregistration function enables the participants of a certain event to be updated. So you keep an overview of how many people have registered or deregistered.
The Pro membership card provides general information such as training times or game results. Because each QR code is unique and personally assigned, personal information, for example between coach and player, can also be exchanged without other people reading.

The PRO membership card offers the following advantages:
  • General information can be updated online on all membership cards at the same time
  • Individualization of the layout and adaptation to the club identity
  • Direct contact via phone, email, WhatsApp, Skype video
  • chat function between members
  • Direct link to the website and social media channels
  • Individual QR codes and user accounts with password entry guarantee the privacy of your personal data
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