Guest registration

With the digital registration solution, guests can independently record their contact details with their own smartphone.

Thanks to the printable QR code on tables, guest have direct touchless access to the registration form.

The presence list can be transmitted at the request of the authorities (contact tracing).

Digital and secure collection of guest data via QR codes
The digitally recorded contact data of the guests and participants enable quick and uncomplicated tracing. The customer voluntarily or compulsorily records their contact details via a QR code or website. supports the entry of name, telephone number, email, address, date of birth or length of stay.


  1. Digital contact data acquisition
    Each guest independently records their personal contact data such as name, email, telephone number, address, date of birth, etc.
  2. QR code technology
    Access to the digital form is contactless by scanning a QR code or entering a URL enables.
  3. Webapp
    No additional app download necessary. The form can be filled out directly in the web browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc)
  4. Data protection
    The registration data may not be used for marketing or advertising purposes. That is why at the data is protected from unauthorized access. The guest company cannot view or copy the data. The data is only transmitted on request by the health authority.
  5. Automatic deletion
    All data will be automatically deleted after 4 weeks.
  6. Data security
    All data is stored securely and discreetly in Switzerland. No data is passed on to third parties or evaluated. Guests can request the deletion of their data at any time.
  7. Integrated web hosting
    The hosting of the data (storage) is included in the purchase price. No additional memory needs to be set up
  8. Individual design:
    The presentation of the WebApp can be customized with your own background image and color. Additional information and direct links to social media platforms can be added to the web app


  1. Data acquisition via QR code
    Guest data collection easily and securely by scanning a QR code on the table or table stand
  2. Digital data acquisition
    All data is entered directly with the smartphone and does not have to be transferred manually.
  3. Overview display
    The recorded persons are clearly displayed on the screen sorted by date of entry. For data protection reasons, only the date and time of the visit, name and table number are displayed. The personal data will be sent to the health authority for contact tracing upon request.
  4. Additional information
    If necessary, additional information can be added as a text message (upcoming events, special offers or restaurant information)
  5. Contact information and website
    Contact information and links to external websites can be added
  6. The Social Media
    Direct links (buttons) to social media channels can be inserted


  1. Digitized guest data
    Time savings through digitized data. The correct contact details are recorded by the guest himself. No manual data entry necessary. You gain valuable time.
  2. Data in a clear table
    All data is displayed clearly and structured in table form
  3. Hygienic
    The contactless electronic data acquisition means there are no points of contact. Less disinfection effort for your employees
  4. Individual layout
    Offer your guests a personalized web view of the registration page with their own cover picture and background color
  5. Additional information and offers
    Motivate your guests with interesting additional offers on the registration page
  6. Quick data request
    The complete guest data is made available as an Excel table within 24 hours of the request