Digital Menu

The digital menu for food and drinks enables contactless access to your current food selection.

Publish the menu and drinks digitally and up to date on your guests' smartphones
Thanks to the QR code on the table or in the restaurant window, guests can use their own smartphone to call up the current menu of your restaurant. Digital, quick and hygienic.


  1. DIGITAL: The guest scans the QR code on the table or at the restaurant entrance with their own smartphone or tablet. The current menu and drinks menu is displayed on his smartphone
  2. HYGIENIC Access is 100% contactless
  3. ALWAYS UP TO DATE: The menu is rebuilt each time it is called up. All changes are effective immediately and published
  4. WEBBROWSER: No APP has to be downloaded or installed. The menu is displayed directly in the web browser.
  5. QR CODE Thanks to the QR code, you don't have to type anything: just scan with your smartphone camera or any QR code APP.
  6. DATA STORAGE: No software and no computers are required for data storage. All data is stored reliably and securely in Switzerland.
  7. 100% AD-FREE: No annoying advertisements are shown. The data will be passed on to third-party companies.
  8. INDIVIDUAL DESIGN: Please contact us if you prefer your own design or other wishes.


  1. Online display: The digital menu card is always displayed on the smartphone, tablet or on a screen. No PDF upload necessary
  2. Simple configuration Entry, adjustment and deletion of dishes can be carried out directly via the clear online portal and are immediately online
  3. Categories: Food and drinks can be easily organized and displayed using freely definable categories (e.g. starters, salads, main dishes)
  4. special menus: special menus with a single price (e.g. daily menu) can be recorded and published separately
  5. Export as PDF: If guests still want a printed menu or a notice in the display case, the menu can be printed out as a PDF at the push of a button
  6. The Up to 3 languages: Multilingual menus can be generated
  7. The social media channels social media channels can be displayed directly on the menu
  8. WebApp technology: The menu is displayed directly around the smartphone's web browser. No additional app is required


  1. Always up to date: The menu is always up to date. Adjustments and corrections take effect immediately.
  2. Hygienic: Thanks to contactless access using the QR code and your own smartphone, the digital menu is clean and hygienic. They protect the health of employees and guests
  3. Time saving: Save valuable time by less cleaning and disinfection of the menus.
  4. Environmentally friendly: The digital menu protects the environment with less paper and waste
  5. Special and daily menu The special category "Menu" enables simple display of the current daily menu
  6. Social Media If necessary, your own social media channels can be displayed
  7. PDF export: Export the menu at the push of a button into a handy PDF document for printing
  8. Individual design: The digital menu card can be easily adapted to your own design (color, font and font color)