Table Booking System

Our online table reservation system is a convenient service that simplifies and speeds up table booking for your guests and for yourself. Always keep an overview of the current restaurant occupancy.

Let your customers book a cozy table online
With our table reservation system, you can customize the booking process, enable guests to book a table through your site, manage table availability and reservations. Our table booking system provides all must-have features to improve your sales and optimize the restaurant table booking process.


  1. The Restaurant Booking System is a convenient self-service table booking system that is embedded in our system. With the restaurant reservation system, you can customize the booking process, enable people to book a table through your site, manage restaurant availability, and reservations. Our Restaurant Booking System provides all must-have features to improve your conversion rate and optimize the restaurant table booking process!
  2. Let your customers book a cozy table online and make them feel special by ensuring a comfortable and discreet service. The round-the-clock restaurant reservation system provides an interactive seats map of your premises. Launch special promos and discounts and attract new clients!

Function overview

  1. Online booking
    Increase conversions and optimize the table booking process by creating your custom 24/7 open restaurant reservation system.
  2. Payment methods
    Enable/disable online (PayPal, Authorize.Net etc.) and offline (CC, wire transfer, cash) payments from the administration page.
  3. Reservation management
    The built-in reservation management system allows admins to add, edit and delete reservations, manage client data and availability.
  4. Email & SMS notifications
    The table reservation system can be set to remind your clients for upcoming reservations via email or short text messages.
  5. Voucher system
    Run promotions and discount offers that your clients can take advantage of on the checkout page when making a reservation.
  6. Table management
    Upload a restaurant floor map into your table reservation system and enable clients to select and book the desired table(s) online.


  1. Restaurant management features
    Our online restaurant reservation system is a feature-rich web solution which enables users to set it up as per their specific needs, manage restaurant working time and availability online,handle clients data and requests, add staff to manage reservations, and more.
  2. Table booking automation
    Set up your own customized 24/7 open online restaurant table booking system. Reduce phone calls and eliminate the risk of double bookings. You can choose your own booking rules and create an automated booking process by editing various admin options and settings.
  3. Reservations management
    The reservation management system allows you to add, edit and delete bookings, manage client details and availability. The restaurant software is designed to provide you with robust functionalities all in one place. Reservations schedule - See daily bookings per table and a timeline showing reserved hours.
  4. Enhance marketing
    Enrich your customer database by adding the customer details you receive with each booking. Run promo email marketing campaigns to increase sales. Notify and keep them up to date by distributing Email & SMS alerts.
  5. Collect payments
    Collect payments using various methods available with the Restaurant Booking System. Use one or all of the payment options: PayPal, Authorize.Net, wire transfers, CC processing, cash or see other alternatives.
  6. System settings
    Our restaurant software is highly customizable. You can easily translate all titles from the admin panel and add a language bar on the front-end.
  7. High performance & integrability
    The software is specially developed to perform well even with heavy workload and databases. One of our testing QR-Codes having 1 million listings and 8 million database records!