Dyna-Route - digital

Digital data acquisition during the tours and wireless transmission for control and evaluation

The simple and economic entry into digital data acquisition during the operator tours
With the specific Thync.it QR codes, machine data, recordings and findings can be digitally recorded and transmitted immediately on site during the operator's inspection or maintenance team.
The employee scans the QR code on the relevant object with his smartphone or tablet and inserts the data (readings) or comments (findings) directly into the data entry table.
The results are immediately sent via email and written to the database.


  1. All Readings and Findings are entered into the digital protocol after the specific QR code has been scanned and immediately saved
  2. The QR Code can be scanned with all smartphones and tablets. No additional devices are required.
  3. The authorization of the employees is guaranteed by a personal Thync.it account
  4. All data is saved securely and reliably in the central cloud database immediately after collection. All data can be downloaded and evaluated at any time.
  5. User-specific protocols With the form builder, new protocols can be created or adapted independently
  6. Additional information: Thanks to the versatile application of Thync.it codes, additional documents such as operating instructions, instructions, precautionary measures or images and text can be recorded
  7. Contact information: Emergency or support contact persons can be selected directly from the web app. In addition, the persons contacted are immediately notified of the QR code / object by push message.
  8. Webapp technology: All content and functions run directly in the web browser of the end devices. No additional software or app is required.
  9. Integrated web hosting: Each Thync.it code has its own secure cloud storage space in Switzerland. The data does not have to be stored in your own company network.
  10. Individual design: Thanks to the freely configurable layout, the user interface adapts to your own company appearance.
  11. Quick configuration: Various intelligent configuration aids simplify and accelerate the configuration process of the individual codes.


  1. Storage of text Completed online reports as text, checkbox, dropdown or selection can be saved.
  2. Storage of images: Current Findings can be recorded with the camera, saved and distributed immediately.
  3. Several forms available: Each Thync.it code can contain several different forms. So you can clearly differentiate between normal readings and findings and address different people
  4. Additional information: Texts, serial numbers, images, application videos and audio files can also be loaded onto the same Thync.it code and made accessible to other people.
  5. Contact information: Any contact person can be called directly by phone, WhatsApp, email or video call.
  6. The interactive pinboard enables the simultaneous exchange of text, images or videos between the conversation partners during a conversation.
  7. A protected area (option) allows exclusive access to confidential data only for authorized persons.


  1. Efficient data collection: All data are digitally recorded and forwarded. There is no need to transfer handwritten notes or paper forms.
  2. Access to the data at any time: All entries can be called up immediately on the desktop and downloaded as an Excel / CSV file. All data is also available directly via the QR code on the property.
  3. Quick and decentralized finding analysis: All data is stored centrally in the cloud and can be accessed from anywhere (office, control room, home office, on the go).
  4. Route planning: Different objects can be queried during a predefined route. If an object is left out or forgotten, the defined route cannot be completed.
  5. Emergency instructions Specific emergency instructions can be loaded on every Thync.it QR code. These can be accessed by anyone without logging in and registering.
  6. Automatic object recognition Due to the individual QR codes, the objects can be identified at any time without any doubt.
  7. Environmentally friendly due to reduced paper consumption
  8. Easiest integration of the QR codes in the existing label or labeling solution. The codes can be printed out on your own printer.
  9. Thync.it adapts: The Thync.it codes continuously adapt to your needs. Additional modules can be installed at any time. The QR code label does not have to be replaced.