The Thync.it codes are also used for internal processes and machine maintenance and inspections.

Tours, manual machine data acquisition and fault reports can be carried out digitally and paperless with Thync.it codes. Each scan is recorded and checked with the date, time and user data. In the event of deviations, a message is automatically generated and reported to the operations manager.

Operating data can be entered and evaluated directly on the smartphone or tablet. The data can be forwarded to another system as an email, Excel export or via an interface.

Important documents such as Operating instructions, (emergency) instructions, spare parts lists or exploded drawings can be called up immediately on the property. Important contact persons can be contacted directly.
With the FormBuilder you can create your own reports. These can be called up at the property at any time and filled in electronically. No paper logs need to be filled out.

Thync.it supports the streamlining and digitization of internal processes.