Dyna-Label NFC

Precise information and services digitally integrated in the manufacturer and reliably available thanks to NFC technology

The digital interface to product data and communication interface thanks to NFC technology
An NFC chip (Near Field Communication) on the manufacturer or integrated in the product label creates the digital communication interface and serves as an information center for customers and employees Thanks to the chip technology, data retrieval is easily and reliably solved even in difficult ambient conditions and lighting conditions.


  1. Personal identity: Each product gets its personal web-based platform for storing and accessing data and services through individual labeling with an NFC chip.
  2. NFC (Near Field Communication) technology: Thanks to the simple and inexpensive NFC technology, an object is clearly identified contactlessly using a modern and NFC-compatible smartphone or tablet.
  3. Data storage in the cloud: The NFC chip serves as product identification and access key to the cloud, where all data is stored safely and reliably. Because the data is not stored directly on the NFC chip, it can be updated at any time without direct access to the product.
  4. Easy data access: Customers and employees can use an NFC-compatible device to call up product data and services directly in the web browser without an additional app.
  5. Communication: Integrated communication options such as telephone, email, WhatsApp or video telephony (Skype, Okomo) can be called up directly from the WebApp.
  6. Online product data transmission: When the user contacts us, the object data is transmitted live via e-mail, push message or via the dashboard on the PC, thus making rapid object identification easier.
  7. Location and device-independent: Whether in the office, on the go or in the home office: all object data can be viewed online at any time on a smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC.
  8. WebApp technology: All content and functions run directly in the web browser of the end devices. No additional software or apps are required.
  9. Integrated web hosting: Each Thync.it code has its own secure cloud storage space in Switzerland. The data does not have to be stored in your own company network, which increases security against unauthorized access.
  10. Individual design: Thanks to various layout options, the user interface on the smartphone can be adapted to your own company appearance.
  11. Quick configuration: Various intelligent configuration aids simplify and accelerate the configuration process of the individual codes.


  1. Text blocks convey important individual information as well as product descriptions and application aids.
  3. Images support the product experience, increase customer interest and show possible applications and tips.
  5. Videos help to explain the product and are now considered an important information medium for customers and interested people.
  7. Documents are available directly on the product and are available for download.
  9. audio files make the products audible. Additional information in speech form or as a music file increases the product experience.
  11. With the clear contact list , the customer selects the desired contact person directly and thus gets to the right contact point faster.
  13. Inquiries can be made quickly and easily using the contact form .
  15. The interactive pinboard enables the simultaneous exchange of text, images or videos between the conversation partners during a conversation.
  17. Multilanguage: The WeApp is currently available in German, English, Portuguese and Dutch. Other languages ​​on request.
  19. Due to the modern WebApp technology , all functions are carried out directly in your own web browser on the end devices without an additional app.
  21. A secret area (option) allows exclusive access to confidential data for authorized persons.
  23. With forms (option) you can create your own digital protocols, checklists or order forms. These can be filled out and saved paperless directly on the Thync.it code with your smartphone or tablet.
  25. The Master / Child function (option) supports the quick and efficient configuration of the same information. Common data and content (e.g. operating instructions) can be organized on a higher level and linked with the individual codes.


  1. Decentralized customer support: Serve your customers with the same quality at all times thanks to an intelligent digitization solution from the office, on the go or from the home office.
  3. Robust NFC chip: With the NFC solution you offer a robust and reliable identification solution. If the chip is damaged anyway, the access data can be quickly migrated to a new NFC chip. The data is never lost because it is stored in the cloud. / li>                                                   
  4. High customer satisfaction because customers can access all current and relevant information and services directly on the product online.
  6. Relieving customer service through fewer inquiries, since the customer can query the information online himself.
  8. Reduction of customer visits for preliminary clarification because the detailed product information is already recorded or known.
  10. Customer acquisition because prospective customers can immediately query the relevant information and sources of supply.
  12. Professional customer service because all current information is available to both parties at the same time.
  14. Automatic object recognition with every NFC query by the customer.
  16. Always up-to-date and secure data because all content is stored, edited and accessed centrally in the cloud.
  18. Targeted contact by the customer or interested parties via the clear contact selection in the web browser.
  20. Easy integration of the NFC chip solution into the existing label or labeling solution. Configuration is conveniently carried out directly on the PC without access to the NFC chip.
  22. Combination of NFC and QR code leads to increased reading security (backup solution) if the end device does not have an NFC reader function.
  24. Reduction of the paper flood through electronically filed documents directly on the Thync.it code.
  26. High competitive advantage through a state-of-the-art service and efficient handling of customer inquiries.