Every event remains an unforgettable memory for all participants.

Invite all event participants to participate in the event collage with their own photos.

The new way of sharing event photos
Event photos are a private matter: The event card from Thync.it with the specific QR code as an access portal enables the photos you have taken to be shared exclusively among the event participants.
Without registration, participants can exchange their photos during the event and then download them, even if the guests do not know each other personally or are linked via social media.


  1. Share photos: Each participant scans the QR code with their own smartphone and can immediately upload their own pictures to the event platform
  2. Immediately available All guests can view all photos immediately on their own smartphone
  3. Everything remains private: Access to the platform is only granted via the QR code or link. Only those people who have the QR code or link have access to the pictures.
  4. Download: Each participant can download the pictures individually. The administrator can download all photos as a zip file.
  5. No registration necessary The participants do not have to register or open a Thync.it account. That is why it is particularly easy and quick to use: just scan and get started
  6. QR code technology: An individual QR code offers easy access to all photos via a web browser (without an app). Your own photos can be uploaded directly via the web browser.
  7. Webapp technology: All content and functions run directly in the web browser of the end devices. No additional software or app is required.
  8. Integrated web hosting: Each Thync.it code has its own secure cloud storage space in Switzerland.
  9. Individual design: Every organizer can define his own cover picture.


  1. Quick picture upload: Quick button allows you to quickly take and upload a snapshot.
  2. Short messages and comments about the event can be recorded and published with the message button.
  3. Gallery access: Images and videos can be uploaded from the smartphone's gallery folder
  4. Text messages: Information about the event can be published by the administrator
  5. Contact options: Different contact types such as telephone, WhatsApp, email or Skype can be integrated
  6. The layout configuration: The titer background image, the WebApp color, the title and information line can be individually adapted to the event
  7. The Social Media Channels Show the company's own social media channels directly on the Dyna Event Card and thus win new subscriptions on the social media channels
  8. Thanks to the WebApp technology , all functions can be carried out directly in your own web browser on any device without additional app installation.
  9. If a company needs a lot of Dyna-Event cards their guests, the WebApp can be specifically adapted and preconfigured.
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  1. Experiences: Offer your customers a special customer experience and enable a unique memory of the event
  2. Customer loyalty: With the Dyna event card you provide the participants with current and upcoming event news long after the event.
  3. Offers: You can distribute new offers across all your event cards. This way, the participants always stay informed.
  4. Advertising for your social media channels: Thanks to the integration of your social media channels, you will achieve more subscriptions.
  5. The Dyna event card as a business card The event card is not disposed of, but remains with the participants for a long time and thus offers an excellent advertising opportunity.
  6. Image download The administrator can download the images as a zip file.
  7. contact information: contact information and addresses can be easily integrated.
  8. Print @ Home: The Dyna-Event cards can also be printed out yourself. The QR code can be easily integrated as an image file (PNG) into your own flyer layout and produced in every print shop.
  9. High competitive advantage: Offer your customers a modern and innovative service and secure important advantages over your competitors in the event business