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New Feature: GEOLOCATION for SOS WebApps

Check out our latest development. We continuously update our webapps with new features and function. 

Accurate location data collection and transmisssion is critical during an emergency. Because our products do not need eletronic components or batteries, they are not able to transmit their position. We have developed a new feature for gathering the GPS location data of the scanning smartphone of the helping person. In the other way round, we completly respect the personal data of our customers and the QR code scanning persons. So, we need the explicit agreement to register the GPS data of the smartphone. Therefore we have developed a 2-step process: 1. Step, the GPS Data will be read from Smartphone. 2. Step, the user confirms and shares the actual GPS data with the emergency person. No register or login is used. The data will be retrieved only once during this process. There is no possibility to track the scanning smartphone later. 

The position data will be sent to all registered e-mail addresses in the webapp at the same time. Clicking the attached Google-Maps link, the precise location will be indicated on Google Maps. 

With this unique registration of the GPS data and agrrement of helping person to share the location data, we are fully compliant with GDPR regulations. 

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