Your dynamic virtual business card

Share your contact details and current information without contact

The most attractive digital business card
Business cards radiate a formative and important first impression and should convey your whole personality.
The individually designable Dyna-VCard transfers your contact details and offers numerous innovative additional functions.


  1. The Dyna-VCard is always at hand on your smartphone. Open your virtual VCard on your phone and transfer your current VCard data contactlessly via QR code scan or via the "Share" function to another person.
  2. The Dyna-VCard offers versatile functions, which you can configure yourself with your smartphone:
     - Several telephone numbers including lettering
     - E-mail addresses including labeling
    - Whatsapp numbers
    - Skype or Okomo video service (optional)
    - Multiple addresses and locations
    - Social media channels
    - Different text blocks for text contributions
    - Company information with URL link to website
  3. All contact options can be selected directly from the VCard without having to type in the numbers.
  4. The contact information can be updated at any time and directly via the WebApp.
  5. By using the WebApp technology, no native app or software is required. All functions can be carried out directly in the web browser.
  6. The contact details can be conveniently transferred to the local address book as a vcf file.


  1. Several phone numbers can be displayed, labeled and dialed directly from the VCard.
  2. With WhatsApp a modern and widely used communication service is integrated.
  3. Several e-mail addresses including lettering make it easier for customers to contact them.
  4. With video channels , customers can start a video call directly. The Dyna-VCard supports Skype (Skype app) and Okomo (browser-based).
  5. Important and up-to-date information can be shown over several text blocks either in the upper or lower area.
  6. Company name and the stored URL address of the website can be displayed and selected directly.
  7. Social media are displayed with a logo.
  8. Own and personalized title background and profile pictures convey an individual touch.
  9. Different transmission types increase flexibility: From smartphone to smartphone via QR code, "share" function via other smartphone apps, as a link in the email footer or on the printed business card or PVC Card.


  1. Current contact details: Your data always remains up to date. Changes affect all current and previous VCards that have already been transferred because this data is stored and accessed centrally in the cloud.
  3. Modern design: Thanks to many configuration options, you can create your own personal and meaningful profile.
  5. Unlimited transfer: The VCard can be transferred as often as you like.
  7. Virtual use: The transfer takes place contactlessly via QR code display on the smartphone screen or via the "share" function.
  9. Printed version: The personal QR code can be printed or embossed on business cards, PVC cards or other materials.
  11. Scan analysis: The dashboard shows the number of scans and locations (IP number).
  13. Versatile: The VCard can be used as a personal business card or as a specific event business card (e.g. at trade fairs).