T - Keychain
With the T-Keychain key fob from Thync.it, a lost keychain can be quickly returned to the owner Your personal data remain anonymous at all times. For security reasons, he cannot find out your data.
How it works:
1. The finder scans the QR code on the tag with his smartphone.
2. The finder can send a message to you via the contact form or pinboard. Your email address will not be disclosed
3. The key owner can contact the finder via the Thync.it QR Code Chat or via the entered contact options and arrange a handover location. The handover can be carried out very quickly because the key is often lost in the immediate vicinity or neighborhood and the people are still nearby.

Alternatively, the key can also be sent to the nearest Thync.it customer service center. This forwards the key to the registered owner address. All data remains stored at Thync.it and will not be passed on to any third party (except postal or courier service).