T - Event
Are you organizing a birthday, wedding or conference?
The T-Event card offers a unique platform to collect all photos of an event or party from all participants and to exchange them with each other. The photos remain private, because only those with access via the QR code or URL link can upload and view photos themselves The data remain in a protected private setting, even if you do not know all participants personally.
Thanks to the T-Eventcard, no photos have to be sent via social media or WhatsApp.

Using the T-Event card is very simple:
1. Scan the code for the first time and activate it with your smartphone
2. Perform the following configuration steps and personalize the content with your own cover picture, app color and other information.
3. Start recording and uploading the first pictures and texts yourself 4. Share the code with the other participants or send the link using the "Share" function.
5. All people who have the access link or scan the QR code can upload their own photos and messages

During the event, the T-Event card will be filled with many new photos. These photos are immediately available to all participants for viewing.
The integrated slide show function is particularly interesting. With this function, live images can be projected online on a TV, projector or video wall.
After the event, the photos can be downloaded by the organizer as a zip file.

The T-Event card turns every event into an unforgettable experience!